Green Fingers

We were very busy in the Autumn planting lots of winter heathers and spring bulbs. The children were delighted to see the results of all their hard work when we returned after the school closure to see all the daffodils, tulips, crocuses’ &  bluebells they had planted. The children cared for our window boxes and planters  throughout  the year. We developed our Woodland area and added some beautiful hellibores and primroses.

In Term 3, we grew vegetables and herbs from seed in the classroom and planted them out in our raised beds at the end of May. To increase our biodiversity we planted a second wildflower meadow, planted two new lavender pots and two new Buddleia plants.

 We created a Sunflower nursery with Ms  Allen & Ms. Donohoe's class  and we look forward to seeing how tall all the sunflowers will be when we return in Sept. The children tended to and watered the beds and flower boxes  daily and used crushed eggshells to keep the slugs away. 

The children have upcycled materials to create bird feeders and Holly Sharkey added her beautiful stone art.  Our Strawberry Beds have produced lots of juicy strawberries which the children loved munching on at lunchtimes!

Some of the children have taken some of the flower boxes and salad boxes home over the Summer to look after them and our caretaker will continue to water our vegetables until we return. We look forward to harvesting all our veg in the Autumn!