High Jinks!

First they did a trail walk and learned about the history of the house. The children dressed in maids and servants clothes and experienced what it was like to be a servant. They learned how to make butter and enjoyed eating it with crackers. They met the chickens while checking to see if they laid eggs and even got to hold them. Unfortunatly they had to do some chores and learned how to do laundry the olden way. They filled their buckets from a water pump and used scrubbing boards with soap to clean some clothes. They then took some delight in swinging the clothes around to dry them whilst wetting their teachers!! After lunch they then sampled how it was to live as 'Lords and Ladies' and changed their clothes to suit. They took dance lessons and they learned to dance the olden way and performed a few dances together. Also during the day they learned how to make ropes from hay and played many games with it, skipping and limbo to name a few. They also played with old toys like table top spinners. After all the many activities the children took a quiz in the old classroom. The children said they enjoyed their school tour and would love to visit there again