Mini Musicians 2019

So what do our Mini Musicians do? 

The opening song, the Hello Song, was the first song they learned to sing as it's a great way of introducing rhythm through the body trying to get the children to use their hands and feet at the same speed and in rhythm with the song. Junior Infants then chose  'I have a small teddy' and Senior infants chose  'When I was One' as their favourite songs to perform. 

During the course of the programme the children were  introduced to Kodaly Movements using Solfa. They  learned the song  'Do-A-Deer' using the hand signals as it the most famous song using Tonic Solfa & performed it with gusto on the day! 

Junior & Senior Infants went on to learn their plays - Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk &   performed them in the show.  With Yvonne as narrator, children sang &  played percussion instruments to mimic the sounds from the story e.g. the maracas were used to sound like Cinderella brushing the floor and the xylophone was used for Jack climbing the beanstalk - getting higher in pitch when he was climbing the beanstalk and lower in pitch coming down the beanstalk.
They were wonderful! 

This year First and Second were introduced to the instruments of the orchestra through their families i.e. strings, woodwind, brass and percussion.  They listened to some classical music and tried to identify the different families. First & Second Class also started the Recorder in November and  learned note values and how to read and play G, A, B, C, D.