Safer Internet

We would like to bring the following Internet Safety websites to your attention:

Tips and guides for parents (open in new tabs):

A Parent's Guide to Filtering Technologies - This information booklet for parents aims to help provide an understanding of the benefits of filtering to help protect children online. The booklet contains advice for parents on supervising children's Internet use and the use of filtering technologies.

A Parents' Guide to Social Networking - This booklet for parents aims to provide information to help understand the world of social networking websites (SNW) with their children. The booklet explains the world of SNW, the risks and what to look out for on a child's profile.

10 Tips for Parents - This leaflet from Webwise contains practical advice for parents to engage in their children's online experiences. It recognises that parents are key actors in fostering an ethos of a positive use of the Internet by young people.

And some more tips for our parents.