Our Prefects

Our school prefects are chosen from  Sixth class at the start of each month.

Our Prefects set an example at all times. They are role models to the rest of the school. Therefore they must uphold the highest standards at all times – including uniform, adherence to school rules, effort, attendance, punctuality, attitude, respect, manners & motivation to work etc.

It is explained to our pupils at the start of the new school year that being in Sixth Class is not an automatic entitlement to becoming.a prefect.  The role is a privilege. In recognition of all their hard work the Prefects have a special Prefect trip in June.

  1. Our Prefects assist teachers with everyday tasks.
  2. They oversee the distribution of the IT and PE  equipment.
  3. They lead our ‘Recycling Team.’
  4. They welcome & thank visitors to the school