Routines & Guidelines

To ensure the health and safety of the whole school community, all staff, students and parents are expected to adhere strictly to the school’s Covid-19 protocols and procedures as outlined in detail in the ‘CoVid Section’ of our school website. 

All of the new procedures and protocols will be regularly reviewed and assessed by the Board of Management and may be subject to change to improve the health and safety of the school community We ask that all parents/guardians carefully consider the following information & ensure that your child(ren) meet these expectations. 

  • Traditionally, classes begins at 9.20 a.m. and ends at 2.00 pm for Junior and Senior Infants and 3.00 pm for all other classes.
  • The gates onto the school playground will open at 9.10 am each morning. For insurance reasons the Board of Management accepts no responsibility for pupils arriving before 9.10 am Children should not be dropped off to wait unsupervised in the carpark before this time.
  • Children are supervised by teachers as they assemble in their class lines in the playground from 9.10 – 9.20 & 9.20 – 9.30 am
  • On wet mornings, we ask all pupils to proceed directly into their classrooms. 
  • Children who arrive late (after 9.30 am) or leave early must be signed in or signed out respectively by a parent/guardian at the secretary’s office in the main school building. When it is necessary for a pupil to leave school early, a note must be sent to the class teacher. Any person collecting a child on behalf of the parent will only be permitted to take the child if the parent has contacted/notified the school beforehand.
  • Teachers are instructed by the Board of Management to call the roll at 10.10 am each morning. A child must be present at the time of roll call to be marked present. If a child is not present at 10.10 am then they are marked absent.
  • There will be no provision for adjusting the Roll Book where a pupil subsequently does not complete the full school day or arrives after the roll call. If they arrive later they remain marked absent, but their late arrival is recorded for the purpose of attendance awards etc. These procedures are in line with Department Guidelines and therefore there is no flexibility on the part of the staff.
  • In the event of a pupil being absent from school through illness or for any other reason, the school should be informed  via the online absence note on the school website. 
  • In September each year, parents are asked to nominate four collectors for each child from Junior Infants – First Class.  A collection list will be available in each of these classes. Children will not be released to any who person is not listed unless the teacher has been notified in writing or unless the parent has spoken to the teacher directly to inform them of any change
  • Children from 1st – 6th Class  are dismissed from their class lines in the school yard at the end of the school day.  Parents are asked to park in the school carpark and collect your child/(ren) from their respective lines. Children will not be allowed to go out to the carpark unaccompanied.   Children who have permission to walk home will be supervised exiting the school safely by the teachers on duty. The staff do not supervise the pupils beyond the school gates.
  • Children are not permitted to play on the school grounds after 2.00p.m. & 3.00 p.m. and are expected to exit the school grounds responsibly and respectfully.
  • It is important that teachers are made aware in writing of any medical conditions/allergies, short or long term suffered by a child. Children who are  ill should not attend school until the illness has passed and they are capable of full participation in class and school activities.
  • Children cannot carry medicines to school in their bag or on their person. A child with a temperature must remain at home.
  • The school must be notified immediately if your child has any serious infectious illnesses (e.g. chickenpox, measles, whooping cough, impetigo, conjunctivitis etc.) The school will then pass the relevant information on to all families. Please be assured that no child or family will be identified.
  • If for any reason you need to drop off forgotten items e.g. lunch or sports gear, please leave the items in the secretary’s office. Please do not approach your child’s classroom/buidling.
  • Please notify the school immediately if there are any changes to details given on the enrolment form e.g. changes in address, telephone/mobile numbers, or alternative contact numbers.