You can download a copy of your child’s booklist for September 2022 here. Most books are available through the school’s book rental scheme. There are a number of workbooks that parents are asked to buy. As you can see from the price comparison included on the booklist, the book rental scheme provides huge savings for all families. The book rental fee for 2022/2023 is as follows:

  • Junior Infants – First Class: €20
  • Second – Sixth Class €35

The Stationary Scheme will continue next year. It costs €35 per pupil and includes a contribution towards photocopying. This year we ask all families to use the first envelope from the Saving Scheme on Thurs 5th Sept. to pay the stationary fee for each pupil in full.  As you can see from the booklists, all teachers keep the number of workbooks to minimum, choosing to use photocopiable materials instead where possible. The cost of photocopying for each pupil this year was €25 averaged per pupil.

All copybooks, sum copies, notebooks, folders, plastic wallets, scrapbooks, scissors, glue sticks, whiteboard & markers, calculators, mathematical instruments etc will be purchased by the school and given to the children in September. Parents are asked to buy the contents of your child’s pencil case as listed in the booklists.

The stationery fee & book rental fee will be deducted from the school saving scheme in September.

Please note the following:

  1. Schoolbags should hold your child’s books, folders & lunchbox comfortably and should be easily managed by the children. ‘Wheelie’ bags are not permitted.
  2. Children are requested to have a practical pencil case, clearly marked with their name.
  3. Items provided by the school will be replenished throughout the year. However any loss or deliberate damage to items of stationery such as scissors, rulers, calculator etc. must be replaced by parents.
  4. Tippex is strictly prohibited in all classes.
  5. Please ensure all books bought by you are covered and clearly labelled with your child’s name and the class on the front cover.
  6. While dictionaries and atlases are provided under the book rental scheme, they remain in school. We advise that all families have both items available at home for children to use when doing their homework.
  7. Parents are urged to label all items of clothing including shoes, coats, lunchboxes and beakers.