JEP ‘Suherb’ – Our Story!

30th Oct, 2018

Our JEP project was called ‘Suherb’ Herb Boxes. At the start of the third term, we grew mint, thyme, parsley & sage from seed. We kept the plants indoors until they were strong enough to be outdoors.

We watered them daily and in Mid May we planted up the mini boxes with one of each herb. We kept all the boxes on the window sills all around the school. We divided our class up into watering teams which cares for the plants each morning.

Our marketing team designed posters which we displayed in the school and businesses in the community. We also created leaflets with order envelopes which we distributed to all our families.

During the last week of term, the class was divided into sales teams and we had a sales stand on the playground at 9.10am, 2pm & 3pm.

We sold all 75 units!